Saturday, April 14, 2012

April's Update

Ah life in our household.

It's been a weird winter, hardly any snow.   Jim didn't much care for it since he wanted to go skiing.   he was unable to do so all winter, I never even cracked out the snow shoes.   We managed to get out once for some sledding.   Disappointing that way, but on a positive note it meant less shovelling of snow, and less use of crocks in the rabbitry!  YEAH!!!    One Sunday afternoon we had a layer of snow so the lad and I had a good deal of fun drawing pictures in the snow.  :) 

It's been hard in the rabbitry this spring.. I've had some sick babies this spring.  I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised as I've had healthy bunnies for a while now, so I was due for some trouble I suppose. Still doesn't mean I like it, and I'd love to get to the bottom of it.

I took a tumble fixing the tarp and ended up with some badly pulled muscles over my left rib cage.  Put a bit of a dampener of my activity levels, but.. Hey.. I survived!  :)

what else...
My dad went for a bit without any pain which was a good thing.  Unfortunately the pain has returned and he's feeling a bit demoralized by it.   Makes it harder for my mom.   Please pray for them both.

Jim has a bad cold/sinus thing going on this week and with his blood pressure pills can't take anything to relieve that.

Justin is having TONS of fun playing pirates with our lego lately.   It's a good way to practice the language pirates used, and to pretend to be some of the pirates that we read about.  :)

I've started digging in the gardens again.  Getting them ready for spring planting.   I was stupid last week.  I decided to dig up and move dirt so I could get my bunny garden planted... and well.. let's just say my poor pulled muscles didn't much like me doing that.    We do learn from being stupid though.  :)  

Last night I went to London to a church that has a used book sale.   it was good to go.  Met people there that I've met on other occasions so was able to chat with them for a bit.  Picked up a few supplies and sold a guinea pig.

uh, what else... hard to remember.  I really need to update this blog at least once a month, makes it easier.

I have a couple friends whose husbands are between jobs.  Please pray that both find jobs so they can continue to support their families.

Anyways, until next time.  Keep well and live for God.!  :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lovely day indeed

We did some GOOD homeschooling today. :)

Here is the lad just starting his search and dig for gems.

If you want to know what else we did while homeschooling go here. :)

After we finished homeschooling we watched the rest of a movie "Missing Lynx" on Netflix. We're getting it free for a month to see if we want to switch off cable and on to Netflix. So far thinking Netflix is the way to go. :) We enjoyed lunch: the lad with sprinkle sandwiches, me with a turkey wrap.

Then out into the backyard to play in the snow. We had a rousing snowball fight after we made our walls. I am often amazed at the strength of this six year old. This snowball was big enough that I was having to work hard to move it. And he pushed and was VERY determined and he moved it quite a ways.

We also did some prep work for making our own snow sculptures.
Take some empty boxes.
Fill them with snow and let sit overnight to freeze.

We hope to make snow sculptures tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

I got cold so we came inside, I ran off to dollarama to pick up a few gloves/mittens for the lad. I've gotten a bit tired of trying to find new gloves/mitts for him so I figured an overabundance means we'll actually have some. :)

A supper of perogies, beans and apple...a good day overall. quite pleased with how the day went.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

it's been a spell

Since I last posted on our blog here... I'm actually thinking of just merging my blogs.. but not exactly sure about that.

anyways, what's been happening in our household for the past bit?

the lad has a fascination with spiders lately. Wants to trap them, keep them, feed them and what not. They do unfortunately die though... at least that's unfortunate in his eyes. Me.. I don't much mind that they die. he's captured a variety of interesting ones though. Some that just lives in houses, some that mostly you just see outside, and some that seem to live everywhere. The outside ones, I have to admit, they stay outside. This is what old aquariums are for.

he's also captured a whole whack of lady bugs. he's got them in a different aquarium that is packed full of leaves. We're seeing if they will survive the winter that way. We read that they live under fallen leaves and wood over the winter so he's testing that theory out.

Hubby's knee has been a bit of a bother lately. So he's been hobbling around off and on. He still can't work out properly but he's developed a routine that mostly works for him. He can't do squats, and he can't solely weight bear on that leg either. he has surgery booked for next October, our family doctor is going to see if she can't get him in earlier with a different doctor.

Me... well.. seems I'm hitting menopause early. It's caused some oddness in how I feel in my head, and most of the time I can control it. Doc says in time it will pass and to just bear through it. If it gets beyond me I'm to talk to her. I'm not completely there, but mostly. Life continues.

My rabbits have been for the most part doing well. I lost a litter in the early fall... not entirely sure why, but the does second litter had an issue as well so I think genetics played a role in that, as well as the weather. I find that bunnies die more easily in the cold wet weather than they do any other time of the year, if if they are under shelter and well protected. Bothers me, but all I can do is try to breed hardier animals.

the cats are doing well. Chase is due to have surgery soon. he's becoming too much cat and we'd like to just stop that. :) Milo still retains a bit of a sneeze from when he was ill, but for the most part is better. I need to get them into the vet this week for their shots.

what else???

Homeschooling continues... some days being better than others.

The gardens have been mostly all well manured and put to bed for the winter. I haven't done a thing with the flower gardens.. next spring awaits as I simply don't think the weather will cooperate at this point so that I can get them done. I think I'll ask one of the moms to take the lad for a couple nice days in the spring so I can work hard on them (hopefully with hubby's help). Then the lad can help with the rest of it.

And I think that's all I have in my noggin this morning. Cheers!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Earache Frustrations

So the lad's tonsils swelled, they seemed particularly bad so called his ENT to see if we could come in. No as they hadn't had a specific referral in regards to them.

So called the family doctor got in. Said they were bad but not infected sent us home after telling us they'd refer us to the ENT.

Then the lad developed an earache. It turned fairly nasty over the long weekend. called Telehealth to see what to do who after taking all our information merely said the on-call doctor should be calling us within 24 hours and to keep the phone line open. Didn't call.

SO.. on Sunday afternoon we traipsed over the Emerg. Got put on Biaxcin. It didn't seem to help. Called the ENT who said "He's not taking patients this week and next week he's on surgery so he won't be seeing him then either, go to your family doctor." ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! But they did suggest we get drops for his ears so we headed back to the emerg where friendly doctor Milne prescribed the drops and sent us on our way.

By Wednesday the lad had me thoroughly worried. But Thursday he seemed a bit better, on Friday he was back to chatting my ear off but needing rest periods, and Saturday morning he was out hunting Crickets so all is MUCH better in our household. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

we have a new cat

We had sparks put down on the 11th, and today on the 25th we got a new kitten.

He's a spunky sort of lad.
Thinking that overall he'll do well for us. Time will tell.

He has no name yet and no pics have been taken of him yet.

He's a brown tabby.

got him from animal care and control in London. They have July free. $60 fee paid which we'll get back when we have him neutered. seven weeks old.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes God challenges

First old boy rabbit Jack dies. He went from eating normally, to eating 2 cups of feed per day and drinking like a horse, to not eating and then not drinking. He passed away over night on Thursday the 7th.

Then last night the sore on Sparks shoulder was all icky. Not sure if it popped open or if he caught it on something. Either way, it's icky and infected and we're going on holidays so we're letting him be put to sleep today. Not a pleasant course of events, and not the way we wanted to start our holidays. He's an old cat, and has been a good companion, but it's time to let him go.

means for a couple of days we're taking Milo camping with us as he's a very social cat. After camping we'll pick up a kitten who will keep him company (probably drive him nuts for the first while) but will be a good companion to him. Hopefully an orange tom! :)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

It's been crazy

So this week has been rather a crazy one.

Monday: Jim's day off so we're in London.

Tuesday: cleaning and packing up a bit since we're going camping for two weeks. busy busy all day long. We had to go somewhere today as well but can't recall where or for what. :)

Wednesday: birthday party play date in Stratford for the lad. Lots of the homeschool families came. The lad had a hoot! The park by the festival theatre is such a nice park! :)

Thursday: Cleaning up the backyard, cleaning the downstairs bathroom. Busy busy all day long.

Friday: out to Kitchener for a picnic lunch with friends from Mali and Toronto. We had a good visit and good time. The lad had a hoot playing at the playground. We met at Victoria Park so it went well for everyone.

Saturday: Birthday party at Oma and Papa's. Normally we'd meet here but it's easier for papa if we go to their house.