Sunday, September 11, 2011

Earache Frustrations

So the lad's tonsils swelled, they seemed particularly bad so called his ENT to see if we could come in. No as they hadn't had a specific referral in regards to them.

So called the family doctor got in. Said they were bad but not infected sent us home after telling us they'd refer us to the ENT.

Then the lad developed an earache. It turned fairly nasty over the long weekend. called Telehealth to see what to do who after taking all our information merely said the on-call doctor should be calling us within 24 hours and to keep the phone line open. Didn't call.

SO.. on Sunday afternoon we traipsed over the Emerg. Got put on Biaxcin. It didn't seem to help. Called the ENT who said "He's not taking patients this week and next week he's on surgery so he won't be seeing him then either, go to your family doctor." ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! But they did suggest we get drops for his ears so we headed back to the emerg where friendly doctor Milne prescribed the drops and sent us on our way.

By Wednesday the lad had me thoroughly worried. But Thursday he seemed a bit better, on Friday he was back to chatting my ear off but needing rest periods, and Saturday morning he was out hunting Crickets so all is MUCH better in our household. :)


Chloe Greene said...

Glad the lad is feeling better. Your tale is very apt - the frustrations of modern life and being shunted from pillar to post!

~Noor~ said...

its nice that things are all sorted out.
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