Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Lovely day indeed

We did some GOOD homeschooling today. :)

Here is the lad just starting his search and dig for gems.

If you want to know what else we did while homeschooling go here. :)

After we finished homeschooling we watched the rest of a movie "Missing Lynx" on Netflix. We're getting it free for a month to see if we want to switch off cable and on to Netflix. So far thinking Netflix is the way to go. :) We enjoyed lunch: the lad with sprinkle sandwiches, me with a turkey wrap.

Then out into the backyard to play in the snow. We had a rousing snowball fight after we made our walls. I am often amazed at the strength of this six year old. This snowball was big enough that I was having to work hard to move it. And he pushed and was VERY determined and he moved it quite a ways.

We also did some prep work for making our own snow sculptures.
Take some empty boxes.
Fill them with snow and let sit overnight to freeze.

We hope to make snow sculptures tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

I got cold so we came inside, I ran off to dollarama to pick up a few gloves/mittens for the lad. I've gotten a bit tired of trying to find new gloves/mitts for him so I figured an overabundance means we'll actually have some. :)

A supper of perogies, beans and apple...a good day overall. quite pleased with how the day went.

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Devin said...

My little brother is very determined when it comes to snowballs also. He is always trying to build the "great snow fort". It is fun to watch little kids at their work.